Pilot is the first episode in Season 1 of ANDRE. It will premiere on September 9, 2016 on YouTubeTV. The series is set in Columbia, South Carolina. A 14 year old responsible but yet troubled teen, Andre Baxter (played by Davondre Tisdale) take care of both his two younger brothers, James and Jermaine (Kemauri and Kemauta Jenkins) after their mother sudden death in a terrible drunk car accident six years before the series took place, and Andre have to be the only character to take care of his brothers before all three of them be separate in foster cares forever.


The episode begins where fourteen-year-old, Andre Baxter in his bed as he falls asleep and he narrates how it all started on beginning with his family and friends.

The episode then flashes back one day earlier at the Baxter's Residence. Andre went to his two younger brothers, James and Jermaine to get dressed for their first day of school. James left early to walk and Jermaine went to catch the bus. Andre's girl best-friend, Kim comes in the house and asked Andre do he wanted to come to a teen party tomorrow night. Andre made his decision on taking care of his brothers, however Kim tells Andre that her aunt can babysit the boys. Andre changed his mind and scheduled himself to go to a teen party, Kim tells Andre that she will meet him at school and Andre agreed it.

Later after school, Andre tells James and Jermaine that Kim's aunt will babysits them. James asked Andre where he was going but Andre lied saying he have to work late.

Later, Kim found out that the party will be over until midnight and Andre feels guilty for leaving both his brothers unsupervised with Kim's aunt. Back at home, James and Jermaine finds out that Andre lied to them for leaving them to go to a party seeing pics of Andre and Kim at the party from Andre's phone.

After the party, Kim leaves early and Andre ask Kim could he spend the night at her house but Kim agreeded it will be silly and leaves Andre.

Andre later goes home and being surrounded by his brothers who is mad at Andre for leaving them and lying to them. Andre apologize and mentioned that before their mother died, she had always tell Andre to take care of James and Jermaine no matter what, after that James and Jermaine forgive Andre and they both went to bed. Andre went to his room where his clock says 3:00p.m. which its a fake time.

At the end, Andre narrates that how it all begin and he falls asleep continued on of his snoaring so loudly.