A Untrusted Friend will be the second episode in Season 1 of ANDRE. It will aired on September 2016.


When Jermaine befriends a new kid in town, Andre thought the boy was kind and friendly around with Jermaine, however its revealed he have a bad side and Andre thinks the kid is a bad influence but Jermaine doesnt believes it.


The episode begins where Andre narrates that Jermaine been hanging out together with Andre for a past couple days and Andre fed up with it, Andre have an idea that Jermaine should make some friends at the MLK park. Later, Jermaine finally makes a new friend named Lance and invites him over to play videogames. Meanwhile, Andre meets Lance and thinks he's a nice guy to play with Jermaine. As Jermaine leaves to go to the bathroom, Lance turns into a mean bully who threatens Andre that he will hurt him if he told Jermaine about his hided behavior. Andre changed his mind on letting Jermaine to forget making friends and hangs with him more often. Andre tries to tell Jermaine about Lance but Jermaine thinks Andre's jealous and calls him a "bad brother of his".

The next day, Jermaine went to the park to play with Lance but arrives early back home, depressed after revealing that Lance ditched him. Andre thought of an idea to get revenge on Lance for ditching Jermaine. Andre finds Lance in the woods and slaps him 3 times for hurting Jermaine's feelings and ditching him. After that, Jermaine apologizes to Andre for not beliving him, Lance appears and apologize to Jermaine. Lance then leaves, Andre and Jermaine went to play NBA enjoying their brotherhood moment.

At the end, Lance knocks on the door and told Andre that he moved next door beside him and they will be neighbors together. Andre screams "NO!!!" from his house to the earth.



  • James Baxter
  • Kim Cooper